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Originally Posted by JWH321 View Post
I like mine. But it's a bear to rack the slide. No way that my wife could operate it. Others are different. I have used some whose slides were almost the same as a full size M&P. Not mine. After two trips to the mothership and four recoil springs, it remains almost impossible.

But it's accurate, it's perfectly sized, it fits nicely in my hand, it's balanced, and it's top notch quality. Kind of an enigma.
This my impression too. Many folks as they get older will find manipulating the Shield to be a problem. Not so with Glock, Ruger LC9 or one of the XD pistols. I have mixed feelings about the Shield, but it is definitely a good gun if you can manage the recoil spring(working the slide) and you get that heavy trigger with excessive over travel fixed. I am liking it better after break in.

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