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Originally Posted by ArchAngelCD View Post
You should put a warning on that load! Anything over 7.2gr HS-6 under a 158gr LSWC bullet in a .38 Special case is over the SAAMI pressure limits for a .38 Special +P load. I use 7.0gr HS-6 and some reloaders consider that too hot. The safe charge is even less if you go by current load data. A charge of 8.0gr is into the pressures of a .357 Magnum and should not be shot in a .38 Special revolver.
I agree, 7.0gr is plenty hot enough, at least in my Airweight it is. Your brass has to be flowing in that chamber.
8.0gr might be BB power but no way would I try that in a scadium J frame.
Besides, .... that buffalo bore felt like trying to stop a baseball bat swung by a grown man with your palm.
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