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Default Annoyed with S&W store

The S&W store had a black Friday sale. I do not remember the specifics of the sale..

I do know that we ordered 2 10 round magazines for my 15-22. The total was 40 some odd dollars, out the door. Then the wait started... No magazines..

Then we got a charge on our Paypal card from S&W for $60+ a couple of days ago. It bounced because the money on that card varies. (honestly we thought S&W had already taken their money when we ordered the mags) I am glad that it bounced because S&W decided to not honor their sale prices and was charging us full price for the 2 magazines! I am annoyed that all this happened. I can get the magazines cheaper at our LGS, and he often does not have the best prices. I wonder who else this happened to?
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