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Default Scorpion gulch...

Yesterday, since my wife was hosting a female-only get-together at our house, I thought I'd escape with my camera gear and take a trip to the top of the South Mountain range in Phoenix. My objective was to take a panoramic picture of the Phoenix metropolitan area from that vantage point.

Unfortunately, the road to the top was closed for repairs due to recent storm damage.

But at the foot of the mountains was a little known site known as Scorpion Gulch. The buildings were constructed in 1936 to house the South Mountain Trading Post. Eventually, the site closed in 1966, and the buildings fell into disrepair. The City of Phoenix partially restored many of the walls, and took down the remaining roofs as a safety measure. Today, Scorpion Gulch is a venue for picnics and other gatherings. The remaining walls show construction from native rock and adobe. I took a few pictures; this one is representative. If you're in the Phoenix area for the big game, it might be worth a look.


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