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Default On Killing

Good on you!

Time to ask these questions is before we need to use a gun.

What we should do is get involved in the study of killing.

I will give a strong recommendation for the works of Lt Col David Grossman(retired)

He addresses what happens to a shooter when he kills another human being. The shooter's psychological world is changed forever when most of us are involved with a shooting.

His book, "On killing" is available as an auto book. This is the prefered way to get all the way to the end.

You can find plenty by/about him online. Try YouTube for extensive longer videos.

The one point you will want to get is to get your head (attitude) adjusted before the incident. I wont go into that. Read about and start the process. Super super important and not a simple thing as you might suspect

He also wrote a book aimed at the Army and the Fighting Arms on the same topics. He called the present studies as the science of killing or killology.

This may the first book any of us should read/study.

I hope this leads down a path that prevents future unnecessary suffering


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