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Maybe someone can give me some pointers on carrying a gun in the car. I have an Oklahoma CC [now includes OC here] but have no intent to carry on a routine basis. I also have been well trained in Oklahoma self defense at home. The SD9VE will therefore live in a particular place in the house.

Now for a new situation . . Last night we went to a concert down town and since I grew up here I wasn't bothered by driving through some dark areas on the way to the concert hall. In the summer that route is not dark, but we do notice some folks there that we would not want to face under any conditions. My wife was bothered during our drive last night and suggested we take a weapon in such situations.

Can anyone suggest what situations would warrant pointing the gun at someone?

Asking for directions?
Asking for small change?
Asking for a ride?
Grabbing the car door?

I believe a car has the same status as a home so it's un-lawful to shoot someone if they just try to open your car door, nor if they are running away.

So I suppose the question is, what should cause you to pull up a gun in a car and point or shoot it? [I think the laws are similar in all states]
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