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And one large point that many people forget to consider; Since childhood your parents taught you to take care of the car. Wash it, polish it, don't dent it, etc. Well, when it comes to self defense while in that wonder car, never forget that it is a 4,000 to 5,000 lb. tool that will work very well in getting you and yours out of a tight situation. Somebody working on a car door handle? Drive away. Light against you? Run it watching for other traffic. Turn in the direction of the cross traffic. Someone jump on your hood? Go fast for a few feet and slam on the brakes and then run over him when he falls in front of the car. You get the idea. Don't worry about a few scrapes and dents when it comes to self protection. They can all be fixed. Use that car to create distance between you and the problem. If you have to take any action as described above, call the police and report it immediately. Not all self defense tools are guns. But a small revolver in a crossdraw holster is just made for use while driving. :-) ............... Big Cholla
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