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Default Good for you! Anyone contemplating carrying for self defence

.....needs to spend a lot of time reading, researching, and thinking.

In the old days there was a shortage of books on the subject but not now days, in addition to the old classics, there is an abundance of books on the subject. As you stated not all of them are great, but I think each has some kernel of wisdom that will help a person along this journey.

Most any of Mas's books, especially his latest, are very good.

Another one I recommend to folks is Jerry Ahern's (RIP) book," Armed for Personal Defense".

Ed Lovett's book mentioned above on the snubby revolver is great.

There is a need for a well done book on the S&W J frame family with all of the variants, aftermarket accessories, carry methods, and use as one of the most popular defensive firearms in the U.S.

Everyone needs to start with a firm foundation of knowledge of the law and build from there.

Then, practice, practice, practice, because when the test comes you need to pass with flying colors.


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