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One hugely important idea that I got from Dave Grossman's books was that there is a world of difference between...

Thou shall not kill
Thou shall not murder.

Most of us have had the first one drilled into us. However the commandment was against murder. There is a lot of killing in the Bible. But there were fewer murders. Huge difference when you need to draw your gun and fire. That concept needs to be corrected.

When did some person, in the English version, chose the word kill instead of murder? That is the subject for another thread.

So if we have inculcated the idea "Thou shall not kill" we have set ourselves up for a number of horrible things: hesitation in pulling the trigger, countless nightmares, and years and years of silently mulling over the questions, did I do the right thing or what might I have done differently or it might get us murdered?

Reading this post will not do the needed change of attitude. Instead the right idea must be inculcated, absorbed by constant and persistent study and instruction. Reading these comments just might start the process.

I suspect that for LEOs this is drilled into them starting at the academy.

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