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Originally Posted by Shorty 45 MK2 View Post
I'm reading Ayoob's new book as well!

I'd also suggest;

Defensive Living by Dave Spaulding and Ed Lovette.

On killing by Lt. Col Dave Grossman.

If you carry a revolver I'd highly recommend reading the Snubby revolver by Ed Lovette.
I read a excerpt from Grossmans book in a magazine recently( concealed carry magazine I think).
He pointed out how many muskets recovered from the Gettysburg battle of the Civil War had 10 or more balls in them! Indicating that soldiers were reloading "unfired guns" rather than shoot someone. Amazing, but it does point out how much more difficult it is to shoot someone than most would think.
Both your recommendations are being added to my list . Don't shoot a revolver for anything other than fun, so I'll skip that book. Thank you.

Originally Posted by lawandorder View Post
Another one I recommend to folks is Jerry Ahern's (RIP) book," Armed for Personal Defense".
Got it!
Stay protected my friends.

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