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Default New M&P Bodyguard and Range Review

My M&P affliction continues, I added a non-laser Bodyguard to the collection last week. The casing envelope is marked Sept 2014.

This is my first .380 as I'm not a fan of the small calibers for self-defense. I have realized over time that a pocket gun is useful, as a bug to the backup, or when light clothing or deep concealment dictates.

I purchased the gun for $335.99 from Sportsmans Warehouse. I also bought 50 rounds of HPR 90gr JHP (XTP) and 50 rounds of HPR 100gr TMJ, the only two types of .380 they had in stock.

I also purchased a pack of snap caps, not a regular purchase for me, due to the smaller firing pin and size of the gun. Probably didn't need to, but I did it anyway.

I dry fired the gun about 500 times and also dropped and reseated the mag about 100 times. The first few times the mag stopped about halfway in, so I smacked it with the heel of my hand and after 3 or 4 times that problem cleared right up.

I have read quite a bit in my .380 research and noted many saying the pocket guns can be very picky about what type ammo they like. Keeping this in mind, I decided to buy several different brands and test them with this particular Bodyguard. I began a search that lasted several days and purchased ammo at Academy Sports (Aquila 95gr round ball and Federal 95gr FMJ) and Walmart (WWB 95gr and Tula ?gr).

I also picked up 5 extra mags for the gun.

I packed the range bag with the Bodygard, 5 S&W six round mags, and all the ammo, except the Tula (oops, forgot it at the house).

I loaded 31 rounds of the Aguila and had 3 FTF that required a 2nd hammer strike to fire. Bear in mind, these are the first rounds fired from the gun.

Next up came 31 rounds of the Federal. Flawless.

Now we get to 31 rounds of the slightly flat nosed WWB. 1 FTF in the second magazine.

Next up are 31 rounds of the HPR TMJ. Flawless.

I went back and ran the remaining 19 rounds of Aquila. Flawless.

Then the remaining 19 rounds of Federal. Flawless (50 of 50).

Might as well finish off 19 more rounds of WWB. 1 FTF, 2nd strike went bang.

I finished the session firing 24 rounds of the HPR XTP. Flawless. The rest of the box will be my carry ammo for now.

Observations from the first 200 rounds fired:

- Slide locked back after each magazine, no problems.

- Recoil spring just as tight as when I began, my M&P .45 seems to be easier to chamber a round. I believe that's due to how narrow the Bodyguard slide is compared to a duty gun.

- 4 total FTF in the first 100 rounds with the Aquila and WWB.

- 1 FTF in the next 50 with the WWB

- Last 50 rounds were Flawless.

I will put another couple hundred rounds through it soon, but I feel comfortable carrying it as a backup gun, with the HPR, now.

A quick note about my carry ammo decision. I watch TNOUTDOORS9 Youtube videos on ammo testing. I have also started watching SHOOTINGTHEBULL410 on Youtube for his take on ammo tests. The HPR is the only brand of the final contestants in STB410's .380 testing that I could find locally. Looks like an online order may need to be placed.

I was particularly interested in STB410's results since he used a Taurus 738 with a 2.8" barrell, close to the 2.75 Bodyguard.

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