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Default All The .45acp Talk Here - Finally Caved - 625JM

I haven't owned a 45acp in about 5 years. A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to try another 1911. Last time I had one was 15 years ago...

Actually I bought 3 1911s one day about 15 years ago. A Colt 1991A1, Springfield Loaded, and a Kimber Classic. Not one of them worked reliably. FTEs, Jams, FTFs, Stovepipes, etc. I sold them all. Recently I saw this very nice looking Ruger SR1911 Talo Night Watchman. Beautiful piece, reminds me of a much more expensive Nighthawk 1911. Anyway I did some research on the Ruger 1911 and discovered they are excellent 1911s and receive big props from many of the 1911 Heavies.

Though excellent guns in general, I tend to find Rugers' fairly unattractive. But Ruger had nothing to do with the design of the 1911, so they couldn't make it look like a ****. My Ruger Night Watchman is an excellent piece. Super impressed with this gun. 600 flawless rounds fired and super accurate. And very reasonably priced. Can find them in the $700 range.

Well since I now have to buy 45acp ammo again, I obviously had to get a S&W 45acp revolver to match. There have been so many threads here lately on the S&W 45acp revolvers I just couldn't take it anymore. Has anyone else noticed that?

Anyway I have a brand new in the box 625JM on it's way to me. I should be here next week. Though not mine, here is a nice shot of a 625JM

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