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I had a meal one time and ever since I first read the op I have tried to remember the name of it. I can't. So I'm gonna just tell my story and describe the meal and hope some a y'all have had it or heard of it or some how know what it's called.

Back in the mid '70s I was a big time bass fisherman. Had me a bass boat and all. One of my favorite "holes" was a place on Toledo Bend reservoir, formed from the Sabine River which divides Texas and Louisiana.

Our favorite place was on SH 21 just a hop, skip and a jump across the state line. And on SH 21, a little ways before you cross over from Texas To Louisiana you go through a little wide spot in the road called Hemphill, Texas. The original town jail was still standin' the last time I went through there. A tiny little shack make out of mud brick it looked like and was about 10' square IFIRC, certainly no bigger. City limit signs back to stop office, barber shop and general store all in the same get the idea.

Some years ago a famous C&W music star named Conway Twitty owned a cafe there. There was even a small set of bleachers on a small cement pad in the back where he and is some-time singin' partner Loretta Lynn would perform if/when they were in the area. He had long since sold it by the time I discovered it but I always like the food there and stopped for a meal anytime I was in town.

My favorite meal was as follows:
Fresh sweet cornbread baked in a black iron skillet split open and covered with a concoction called "hoppin' John". Hoppin John is blackeyed peas with ground beef, rice, jalapeno pepper, onions and when I cook it, bell pepper and celery. If I want to get fancy I'll cut up a little andouille (cajun sauge pronounce an-doo-ee) and toss it into the mix.

That served on a Texas size platter with a nice green salad and a monster size glass of iced tea.

Now I can cook cornbread. And I can make hoppin John any way you like it. But for some reason I can NOT get that meal to come out as good as I got at Twitty's. Still my version ain't all that bad.
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