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Default M&P AR15 Sport question re buffer/tube/spring/stock

Yes, I am an AR15 newb I guess. A couple of years ago before the Conn. shooting I wanted an AR15 because everyone (neighbors, friends, media, politicians etc) was telling me I couldn't or shouldn't have one.

So I bought a Sport without knowing much about the AR15 platform (I take full responsibility for my purchase). I'm not griping, just now I know better and more of what to look for in an AR.

I ended up with a bull barrel, fixed one piece buffer tube/stock, 10 round magazine M&P Sport. One friend says he thinks it was intended to be sold in California (probably because of 10 rnd mag). Now, it shoots great as far as I'm concerned. I've changed the hand guard, bought magpul 30 round mags, a Viper scope, and am currently looking to change the buffer tube and stock. I've searched the archives for info about buffers and weight, springs and BCGs and still don't know the answer.

Oh, I also am ordering a bipod (UTG) and Magpul AFG2. I only shoot paper at 100yds. I'm just out for the enjoyment of the trigger pull and boom.

Finally, my question is what type of buffer/tube/spring/stock would be good for minimal felt recoil? I have a torn rotator cuff and cannot have surgery to repair, so lower felt recoil would be nice. I'm not looking for cheap, I want mid-price quality. I've looked at Midway, CTD, BravocompanyUSA. I just don't know the technical requirements like H, H1, H2 etc.
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