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Default M&P 40 to 9mm extraction issues

I have a M&P 40 and like others I bought a 9mm factory barrel. I also bought 9mm Magazines. So I went to the range yesterday for the second time with the 9mm barrel and I had numerous extraction issues. Many of the cases were really stuck in the chamber. In order to remove them, some force needed to be applied to get them out.

I was using both Factory 9mm ammo and reloaded 9mm that I had bought at a recent gun show. The factory ammo seemed to never have an issue this time, but the last time I used the barrel I had one that failed to extract and that was with the 40 magazines. Yesterday all of the rounds that failed to extract were the reloads. I mixed the rounds so I could tell what was having the most issue.

So my question is, Is this an extraction issue or a reloaded ammo issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I now wish I had bought a conversion barrel!

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