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Default Model 10 Malfunctions

I am having problems with my Model 10 revolver. I had to qualify at the Sheriffs range in Joliet Illinois, and I had 5 misfires out of 30 with my Model 10 revolver. I was shooting double action, and the firing pin failed to strike the primer on 5 out of a total of 30 rounds. I also had the same type of misfires with my Model 317 revolver.

I do not understand why S&W has the moving of floating firing pin on some of their revolvers now. It seams as though the old Hammer/Firing pin combination is or was the best. I never had a misfire or malfunction with the Hammer/Firing pin type combination. The Model 317 was sent back to S&W for a safety check and repairs. I guess now I will have to send them my Model 10 in for repairs too. The Model 10 I have had only 300 to 400 rounds of plain .38 caliber lead nose bullets fired through it. My main concern is that I could have been in big trouble, if and when I might have had to use these 2 weapons for self defense !
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