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I thought I read where LAPD might've lost this one? Dunno, as I don't own a drone and don't keep up on this new area of the law.
LAPD Seeks to Ban Drones Over Police Stations |

As far as the gentleman in KY ...

He mentioned "To me, it was the same as trespassing.". Okay, let's ask a couple simple questions. Does KY allow someone to shoot trespassers who aren't offering the threat of imminent serious bodily injury or death? Would he have been charged with the "first degree wanton endangerment" section reported if he'd discharged his shotgun into the air (in that area with neighbors very close) for a trespasser?

The damage to the personal property of the owner(s) is another matter, perhaps, and one which I known nothing about regarding KY's law. However, say the drone - or someone else's remotely controlled model airplane - were to have made a landing in the gentleman's backyard. Would he have felt entitled to have intentionally damaged it because it was on his property?

I won't presume to speculate about this incident, other than to offer that over the course of my career in LE, I've seen no particular shortage of otherwise normal folks sometimes make some rash decisions, or think they had the "right" to do something, and that thinking got them into trouble that could've easily been avoided.
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