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Default Are S&W Canted Barrel Problems Getting Less Frequent

In addition to the above responses, having purchased several (my wife says "many") firearms through the Internet, I have a few additional thoughts on this subject:

1. I am not sure whether or not the seller has an obligation to disclose this fact in the listing. However, I certainly would, and a seller certainly should. Negative feedback regarding a non-disclosed firearm defect can be a "wooden stake through the heart" for any seller. After I have completed the required documents at my LGS I have one of the most knowledgeable people there go over the firearm with me before I walk out. If not disclosed, this is another opportunity to identify this problem, if it exists. He and I identified a Model 57 with a "trigger action job" that was never disclosed. The seller allowed me to return it for a full refund.

2. If this is a risk or concern for any buyer, I would certainly make a specific inquiry of the seller about it in the "pre-bid" questions. No matter what the listing states, I always send an e-mail to the seller or call before I start bidding regarding my own "hot buttons" - 1) trigger job or action, 2) excessive barrel-cylinder gap, undisclosed mechanical issues, 3) excessive cylinder play, etc. I have several Model 25s and I always asked the sellers about the possibility of oversized cylinder throats before I bid. They never complained to me about my request. As a seller, this has never been a "PITA Issue", resolving these possible issues before a buyer bids is far better than attempting to resolve these issues post-sale.

3. Although we all have a difference of opinion regarding the responsiveness and timely resolution of warranty issues by the OEM, I believe that, for the most part, they are eventually resolved in our favor. The S&W Holding Company sales and profits are on the rise. That would not happen if it were not for us.
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