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Default Guns Stored In Vehicles, Revisited

The subject of leaving guns in vehicles, like open carry vs. concealed carry, often provokes responses highly charged enough to result in the thread being closed or locked. For that reason, I refrain from any accusatory comments.

I just want to forward a police report that a backpacking Canadian tourist murdered this week in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, and a yoga instructor murdered on a hiking trail north of that city were both murdered with the same handgun stolen from an unlocked, parked vehicle at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco on October 1st.

I'll stop short of making pronouncements, one way or the other. But, if your CCW activities requires you to occasionally leave a handgun in a vehicle. BUY AN APPROPRIATE SAFE! I know that leaving a gun under the driver's seat is indeed a very clever hiding place but only against thugs who are already brain-dead.

The family of Kate Steinle, murdered on the very same pier by an alien who stole the gun from a parked federal law enforcement vehicle, have filed suit against that agency. I'm not a lawyer so I'll refrain from commenting on the merits of that case.

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