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Originally Posted by Road Rat View Post
Big D, there are times when the LAW forces us to do so!!

I cannot park my car in the United States Post Office parking lot and leave my handgun in the car!!! I sure can't take it into the building with me!!

Some establishments have NO GUNS signs on the door. Do I ignore the sign or go back and put my handgun in the car??

Hospital have the same rules/regulations/law/whatever...

Personally I ignore all signs that are not FEDERAL.....there is no reason for a retail establishment to every know I am LEGALLY carrying a handgun CONCEALED. There is no reason for a hospital to know the same thing. IF I am seeing a doctor I do not take my handgun . . .

IF I follow your logic I would never leave my home with a handgun because I can't possibly take it everywhere I go LEGALLY........
Watch carrying into a hospital that provides mental health services ( almost all of them). It can be a state law that you are breaking, not a hospital rule. Check your area.
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