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Default FBI Request for Proposal for new 9mm pistols

As I am sure most of you already know, the FBI this month issued a Request for Proposal for new 9mm pistols. The details are at this site:

When you go to the above site, look for the "solicitation" and click on the link.

I have gone through the RFP and created an Excel spreadsheet showing the requirements, etc., in the RFP, which is 111 pages long. I have then set out a comparison between Glock, S&W, SIG Sauer, and FN to see which pistols have the required characteristics.

Bottom line: Not one pistol fits all requirements without some modification. That said, some are closer than others. Some issues will require significant change to comply (for example, finger grooves are not allowed on the frame); while other issues are easily rectified (for example, two different lengths of magazine release buttons, standard and extended slide stops, high visibility color for magazine followers, etc.).

I wish S&W luck with a contract that may not be lucrative, but for which residual sales will certainly be massive as buyers and other LE agencies often want to buy what the FBI uses.

I also caution all who participate that a failure/rejection will be damaging to the reputation of any maker, but especially to one that is selected, and thereafter unceremoniously dumped, as happened to S&W with the 1076. And, that was not even the fault of S&W.

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