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Originally Posted by performancemuscle View Post
How could you know it is a non-famous engraver if I never discussed who the engraver was. Also if it was done by a non-famous engraver, why did you PM me about possibly purchasing it?
To me, engraving on any specific gun is something that either "speaks" to you or it does not. I have a bunch of engraved guns and for the last several years, that is where I have spent my collecting time and dollars. Just because I have not determined who engraved something, really has no impact as to whether or not the engraving "speaks" to me and therefore, that knowledge does not determine whether I would like to add it to my collection. Knowing the engraver, particularly if it is a well-known engraver, increases the provenance of the gun and almost all of the time it increases the value as well. People, myself included, will pay more for a gun if it is documented who the artist was that engraved the work.

Engraved gun collectors go to great lengths to try and figure out who engraved their guns and if possible, try and get letters from the engraver as part of the gun's documentation.

Long winded way of saying that someone can really like the engraving of a particular gun and want to purchase it, even if the engraver is unknown or if known is not a famous engraver.

The engraving on your gun is nice (it doesn't really speak to me personally), but you have had some pretty knowledgeable guys chime in as to where they think it came from. I too would agree with the general sentiment that it was engraved by someone with an Asian influence.

Good luck and let us know if you track down the engraver.
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