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Originally Posted by glowe View Post
Anyone can stamp numbers on a barrel. As Alan states if there is no evidence of factory rework stamps or dates, I would also question the gun. I have seen many guns for sale with incorrect barrel lengths stated, so it might be a 6"? If you can find a picture of the entire gun, use the cylinder (1.57" long) to confirm the barrel length.
Well, 1.57" would explain it. Seller states it's a 7 & 1/2" barrel.
Also looking at the pics..... The relationship of the roll marks compared to the ejector rod latch do not match my 2 K-22's from 1948 (same year as the one in question).

I couldn't tell a factory crown if it smacked me. Still a young pup in this game.

I have my doubts to the authenticity of this barrel. Had it from the first time I read the ad. But..... I have learned (from this forum), when it comes to S&W, never say never.

I appreciate your time folks.
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