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Originally Posted by derek45auto View Post
I love the 1911

I love the .357magnum round.

....I just don't want them in the same package

the rimmed 357 isn't really designed to feed from a magazine.

Friend of mine sold his Coonan because it wasn't 100% reliable.
Dan Coonan has often told the story of how the pistol came to be. The short version is that he and his buddy were out shooting their favorite guns together. The buddy was running a 1911 and Coonan was blasting with his .357 Magnum revolver. The friend told him he would have more fun with a semi-auto and the friendly and fast reload of a magazine. Coonan told him that he loved the power of his revolver. That gave him the idea to build a .357 Magnum in a semi-auto pistol.

He sat down and designed the magazine for a project in college. He had built the magazine to his satisfaction and earned the college credit -- but had no gun to stick it into. He then built a gun around the magazine and got equal and additional credit for that build. The company spawned from that.

As I said... 3,135 through mine and it only gives malfunctions (of ANY manner) when it's in the hands of someone who doesn't hold it the way it prefers to be held. In my hands, the pistol runs all of the time.
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