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Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
I've heard a lot of kooky ideas with regards to the Coonan but that one has to be one of the best I have yet heard.

It takes not only guts but serious luck to try and build a gun in a "new" cartridge. Yes, the 10mm Magnum has been done, but nobody would argue that it was successful.

Coonan had a .41 Magnum pistol in the early developmental stages WAY back in the 80's and abandoned the project for whatever reason. The interest in another would be fun to see -- but I have to say that a 10mm Magnum would be a better platform than a .41 Magnum. I have been a 10mm guy since the late 1980's and I started shooting it in 1992. Kind of always have been a 10mm guy, but it annoys me when 10mm fans try to call the round "near .41 Magnum ballistics."

10mm Magnum on the other hand... wow. But the viability of the cartridge would be tough to sell. In any case, I love your idea.
I believe the idea would actually make the Coonan, and give it real direction and purpose. A revolver can hold 7 round of .357, but a 9 round magazine fed 10mm Magnum would be amazing and not really comparable to any current practicle sized production pistol. And the DE, is not a praticle sized pistol.
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