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The best books on reloading happen to be the manuals published by the bullet and powder manufacturers/distributors. The "how to" section in front of the data is more important for newcomers than the actual data.

They aren't cheap. If you plan on buying Hornady equipment, start with a Hornady manual. I have every manual that I've ever purchased dating back to the early '70s. Both the data and "how to" sections change between editions. It's interesting to see the evolution of the sport.

You can find other helpful books on Amazon. I'm fond of the "ABC's of Reloading", and Ken Waters, "Pet Loads".

Most importantly is to find a mentor if possible. Hopefully you will find one that has never blown a primer and doesn't believe that the loads printed in the manuals are artificially low to keep the lawyers happy. The loads in the newest manuals have been extensively tested with expensive and highly accurate equipment so they are both safe and functional.
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