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Default Another 38 special 1905 ID thread

Ok, I'll post a couple of pics. I *think* it is a 38 M&P 4th change but I keep finding little differences... This was a great grand-dad service gun found in an attic. Time has not been kind to the nickel. Very smooth action and trigger, but it needs some serious TLC. Question is first, what's the real value with so much corrosion. Can it be brought back to very good finish condition by Smith or is it essentially a total loss?

It is serial number 3952XX. There are matching serial numbers on the cylinder and barrel. 5 screws. You can see the mushroom, grips, and logo (left side is throwing me off).

I'm happy to have it cleaned up and shoot it as is, sell it if it's worth something, or, completely ruin it and have the rust addressed and blued. I love old Smith revolvers. Yeah, I know it won't ever bring back the money sunk into it.

Thanks in advance.
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