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Default Apparent design flaw on the SW22 Victory.

I've had mine to the range exactly once, but I shot well over a hundred rounds of various ammo through it. After I got it home, but before cleaning it, I saw a video on Youtube of a guy that did a range session of testing. He found that the screw that holds the barrel and receiver to the frame (takedown screw) had backed out, causing the upper parts to fit very loosely on the frame - like rattling loose. So I checked mine, and sure enough the same thing had happened. I hadn't noticed it while shooting.

I had already had mine apart for an initial cleaning, as per the instruction manual, before taking it to the range. I had tightened the takedown screw as tight as I thought wise. Since I have to take it apart every time I clean it, I don't want to horse it down too much. I'd be likely to wear it out prematurely or flat out strip it.

I tightened it a bit tighter this time - as tight as I dare. I'll see if it starts coming apart again next time I shoot it. If it does, I'll have to resort to using blue Loctite every time I shoot it. Not good!
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