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Originally Posted by mlk18 View Post
Not sure that could be described as a flaw. Screws by their nature are meant to screw in and screw out. Obviously there is something going on if the screw was known to be very tight when you began shooting but was loose afterwards, but using loctite on screws is not abnormal. I don't know if I have a gun without loctite on it somewhere.
Guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I've never needed Loctite on any of the 200 or so guns I've owned in the last 60 years. I've used it plenty on other things. If you have to keep using it on things that you have to take apart all the time it's kind of messy, and not a good solution. I don't think a stock gun, used as directed, should come apart in normal use after less than 200 rounds. The owners manual and a S&W video illustrate the proper procedure for taking the gun apart for cleaning, and putting it back together. They do not say anything about Loctite.

I torqued it down a bit tighter this time, so we'll have to see if it's a chronic issue, and if more owners have it.
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