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Originally Posted by wproct View Post
I would use the blue loctite as first choice, and maybe a lock washer as second choice. And, is it really necessary to remove the barrel after every shooting session? Personally, I would use an old toothbrush to clean out the chamber area and bolt face, and a bore snake to run through the barrel if needed, that's the approach that I use on my MKII Ruger semi-auto pistol.
I've had a Ruger MK II bull barrel target pistol for 20 years. It still runs fine, and is very accurate. I bought the Victory specifically because of the comparative ease of taking it down for cleaning. That and a bit better ergonomics. The instructions for cleaning the Victory specify taking the receiver group off the frame, removing the bolt, and cleaning from the breech. I could do it differently, but I don't want to. And, yes, I do clean it every time I shoot it, same as every other firearm I've ever owned. I should be able to follow the manufacturer's instructions and expect the gun to work without falling apart. The fact that there are fixes to work around the problem does not alter that simple fact.
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