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Default HP38/231 38 Spl +P data Lyman Cast data


I use Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 3 Rd Edition and noticed a big difference between HP38 and 231 data. HP38 with the 158 gr 358311 38 Spl +P is 4.5 grs. 231 38 Spl + P data for same bullet is 5.2 grs. I know that this data originates from 1980, it could be that HP38 and 231 were different powders, but Hodgdon told me that they were always the same even when they were different companies (?)... guess they had a third party OEM make the powder for them or had one slow batch of 231.

I have current HP38 (2015 vintage). I'm reluctant to use Lyman 3 231 data using the HP38 for 38 Spl +P loadings.

What are your opinions about this difference and which one to use?
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