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Originally Posted by DWalt View Post
As another example of scarcity trumping condition, last week I was watching an older episode of Pawn Stars on the History Channel. A man had brought into the shop a Colt Patterson revolver which looked like a basket case. If it is possible for a gun to have less than zero cosmetic condition, this one would qualify. It also had indications of some later parts replacement. As usual, Rick called in his "Expert" gun buddy for an assessment. The expert felt it would easily bring $22,000.
The lack of finish on this one confounds me. What appears to be a minimum of finish in the photos is patina. It does not appear to have been buffed or scrubbed, so I would expect to find remnants of blue in the protected areas. But aside from the screwheads looking like they may have been blued and the tiniest bit on the thumblatch, there is no blue. When I cock the hammer and look down into the frame - you guessed it, no blue. Is it possible to dip a gun in some solution and remove the blue ?


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