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Originally Posted by Chadtank View Post
I have recently bought 9mm shield and had the same problem with the slides sticking back my wife's did it four times in three clips and mine did it once and for clips! Brand new guns first time shooting them! I could by hand pull it back and get the slide to stick back! We have shot since then with no problems. Hard to trust the gun! Should we send back to get the slides redone??? Confused and worried!
I'd recommend getting someone who is an experienced shooter to try it. I get the impression from your post that you are very new to shooting. From your description, I don't get any sense of what might be happening, you could send it back, but it would be a shame to do that, wait for it to come back, and have S&W say, "operates normally".

Another suggestion, if you want help on a problem, start a new thread instead of tacking a question on the end of a 2 year old discussion.
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