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Default LEOSA: Qualifications and Covered Firearms

Here in NC, if one doesn't qualify with their old agency, (my former outfit doesn't get involved), we must qualify with a state certified range officer who is authorized to administer qualifications to law enforcement officers.

In my case, I qualify with the local sheriff's office and then send in a notarized form with my scores, (both day and night), as well as a copy of my retired creds and a money order to the NC DOJ which sends me back a card certifying my LEOSA qualification, the applicable dates and the firearms qualified with (but not their serial numbers).

In the following article by James M. Baranowski, Esq. of the NRA-ILA, he maintains that as long as the qualification for the firearms is the same, one can properly carry any handgun, whether pistol or revolver, even if it is not one of the firearms that the retired LEO qualified with:

As the legislative history, statute, and case law make clear, if you qualify on one type of firearm, you can carry any firearm of that type under LEOSA. Accordingly, qualifying with a handgun enables you to carry any handgun under LEOSA, be it pistol or revolver. No separate qualification is necessary unless the state or agency has a different qualification standard for it.
Was curious whether other LEO's and instructors agree that this is the case...or, alternatively, believe that only the specific model of firearm qualified with is covered.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
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