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We were told (VA) that if we qualify w/a semi auto we must carry a semi auto, and if we want to carry a revolver we must qualify w/a revolver. Last year a different range officer told us we could carry either a revolver OR a semi auto regardless of what we shot the course with. My own reading of LEOSA tells me we must carry a weapon of SIMILAR TYPE to what we shot the course with. Since I used my Glock 17 I'm required to carry a semi auto, so I stay with my M&P .380 or my LCP.

UPDATE: Qualified LEOSA, 98.7%, at my former agency on 7/6/17 and the new interpertation is I can carry a revolver even if I qualify w/a semi auto. The card we are issued, to go w/our retired creds, does not identify which weapon was used to qualify. Lucked into a brand new 340PD and have been carrying that instead of the LCP.
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