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So I had bought one of the SS guide rod replacements when I
Initially bought my shield (a lot of people were having problems with theirs)
and it's been sitting in these.
Until today, today I went to the range shot 50 rounds of Federa
l Aluminum 115gr (my shield eats this stuff up, for $20.00 a 100 rounds? I'll take it).
The Lockup occurred twice. Again I just sling shot with some
"oomph" and good to go.
My shield used to slam shut with a round chambered if I shoved
in a mag hard enough almost all the time.
I also noticed that this was happening less frequently now along with the slide locking open.
So... I popped out the stock guide rod assembly and dropped in the SS one. No lock ups and my slide closed and racked a round on almost every hard mag insertion. I really didn't feel any difference in recoil management between the 2 assemblies, but I did notice racking the slide to be a little smoother and a bit easier. So I'm wondering if it's an issue with the spring getting caught (bunch up somehow) or if there is dirt inside of the stock guide rod assembly causing it to hang up.
I'm going to clean it as thoroughly as possible tonight and head back out to the range tomorrow with some 115, 124 and 147 gr ammo and do some more "field recon". I'm off this week so I have the opportunity. I'd like to stick with the stock parts if possible, if I can get my hands on a new Stock guide rod assembly I'd love to do a comparison.
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