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Great discussion, gents, I truly appreciate all the contributions.

I just received an email back from the gentleman who administers the LEOSA certifications here in NC. Here is the text of his reply:

LEOSA law indicates that the retiree must firearm qualify under the State’s in service law enforcement officers in service firearm qualification rules. NC in service law enforcement officer firearm qualification states that each officer must firearm qualify with every firearm they will carry off duty, thus so does the retiree. If you would like, you may contact the AG’s legal liaison for an official explanation, 919.716.6725
Grammar and structure aside, the portion I put in bold above makes it clear that active NC LEOs must qualify with any firearm they intend to carry off duty and therefore so must any retiree qualifying for concealed carry under LEOSA.

Fortunately for me I qualified with the two guns I planned on carrying.

That said, whether or not one would be in violation of LEOSA for carrying a firearm outside of NC in a state which has less stringent LEOSA requirements (but which was not qualified with in NC) is a test case I don't think I want to be the guinea pig for.

Bottom line is that if I purchase another firearm here in NC for concealed carry...I'll have to bring it to the range and qualify with it specifically to add it to the two I already have on my current LEOSA card.

Please feel free to keep the discussion going. Knowledge is power and hopefully, in this case, a shield.

(But I'm still glad I purchased the FEDS LEOSA PLI policy just in case.)
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