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Default M&P9 Pro Series CORE Trigger Components For Sale - Trigger, Springs, Sear, RAM, Etc.

I have a set of stock M&P parts that were removed from my M&P9 Pro Series CORE in place of an APEX trigger and RAM.

I have no need for any of these stock parts that were removed from my CORE and there are even a couple things left over like the two competition springs that came with the APEX trigger are included here as well.

I seriously have NO way of knowing the value of everything here as I am not sure what these types of parts sell for if needing to be replaced or someone looking to purchase them. A price will be posted to adhere to rules but feel free to PM me your offer for the complete parts set.

I had read at one point the trigger parts used in the Pro Series / CORE M&P's were better then the ones used in the standard M&P ..... if that is true this could be just an upgrade from your current trigger parts.

If you are in need of some of these parts or would like to just have a full factory S&W parts set as backup this is the set for you!

$50 OR PM Me only with your offer!!!

Payment via Paypal F&F/Gift .... this will ship out ASAP via USPS services.

Let me know if you have any further questions and I look forward to hearing from you. .

M&P9 Shield, M&P9 CORE, S&W.38

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