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I'm glad to hear that so many of you are enjoying good service from your Kimber conversion kits. My experience with the kit and Kimber's customer service was exactly the opposite and soured me on Kimber products.

I bought a Kimber Rimfire Target conversion kit because I didn't care for the offensive attitude displayed on Ciener's website and because I felt a Kimber kit would work best on my Kimber Stainless Gold Match II. But I had nothing but trouble with it and returned it to Kimber for attention. It came back with the repair description, "Replaced small parts." Hell, the whole kit could be considered a "small part."

It still didn't work right so back it went again, this time with my frame so it could ruled out. I received a similar poor repair description except they also replaced the mainspring housing on my frame. When I called to ask what that part had to do with the kit not functioning when the gun didn't fail with its .45ACP slide attached, no one could tell me.

A third trip back yielded no difference, either. And I was using nothing but their recommended ammo, CCI MiniMags.

Finally, I asked that they exchange the kit for a new one. They did (as confirmed by a mark I placed on the old one) and off I went to my club to try it out. I had exactly a 74% failure rate! I tried to shoot 100 CCI MiniMags and 74 of them failed to feed, failed to fire, failed to extract or failed to eject.

I returned that kit to MidwayUSA, where I bought the original one, along with the repair records (such that they were) and at the suggestion of a friend who has forgotten more about rimfire guns than I will ever know, bought an Advantage Arms target kit. He told me that the differences between the Advantage Arms and Marvel kits are so miniscule that the average shooter would not be able to detect any difference in performance.

And he was right! To date, I have used the Advantage Arms kit on three 1911 frames, including that Kimber, without even one failure of any kind. And its accuracy is quite satisfactory, too.

Some time after that, two other club members joined me on our club's 25-yard pistol range. Both were trying out Kimber conversion kits they had just purchased and both went through the same frustrations that I had.

I eventually sold all of my Kimber 1911s and replaced them with Smith & Wessons. I did return one S&W for attention to something that turned out to be a non-issue but the actual Performance Center gunsmith working on the gun called me to discuss his findings. From those experiences, I heartily recommend both Advantage Arms rimfire conversion kits and S&W 1911s but have less than an enthusiastic opinion of Kimber products and service.

Fun2drive, I have a DK edition like yours - I assume yours is a .38 Super also and am glad to know that my conversion kit would work on it as well as my other 1911s. I've never tried it on that frame as I enjoy shooting it as a Super so much.

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