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What exactly makes it in any way unique? I can't find any reason to pay more than 600 bucks for it. I'm waiting for this balloon to hold air before I get excited about how shiny it is...

I'm dissapointed, honestly. Can I be critical without being rude? I don't want to burst the OP bubble, sorry Disabled1.

I mean c'mon, this is SA! Where's the wow? Why not make it with an ultralight titanium monolithic chassis with integrated quick change mount points for accessories, or with an integrated Tpoint mount, or with a quick change barrel system, or with something more interesting than another "new" MSR in pseudo M4 pedigree? Keymod rather than Mlok? Yawn.

If you really have to have a SA MSR, go for the Scout Squad | M1A™ Rifle for Sale | Semi Automatic Firearms. My two cents.

Oh, it's 1/8 and melonited. Ok. $640.
Here, a grain of salt.
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