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I've been following the buildup to this thing for about a month and half. After watching some of the videos on their Defend Your Legacy website, I thought sure it was going to be some sort of CCW pistol. Maybe their own American made pistol with all the hype they were pouring into this thing. Yesterday, I eagerly booted up the computer, and went straight to their site to see what all the hubbub was about. When I finally saw that it was another AR in a market flooded with them I was extremely disappointed. Yeah, the SAINT (Is that an acronym?) is better, on paper, than the Sport II that I have. But there's nothing that the SAINT has, that would make me get rid of my Sport II for it. Had it come out when I was looking, I probably would have looked seriously at it. Personally, I'm all AR'd out. If I ever get another one, I'm going to build it. If anyone is in the market for an AR, I would recommend they look at the SAINT closely. It seems like a really nice rifle.
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