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The rifle and the marketing are two different issues.

On the cost/value front, if the MSRP is $899, then they'll probably be had for a little less than around $800 flat. Is that worth it? For me, probably not. Especially with that silly name on it.

On the ad campaign front, it's beyond ridiculous. I really believe SA must've seen the success Sig had with their Legion Series and its silly "Oooooh! Tactical Wizards and 12th Level Phantom Warrior Black Belt Tank Paratrooper Recon LRRP's Only Need Apply! Oooohhh! Ooooohh!!"atmosphere. SA must've been inspired by that to try something they "thought" was hip.

One can almost hear the marketing meetings on the sweaty gym vids used to sell this thing..."This is mod, chill. Folks be thinkin' this is their next bae! They go cray for dis! Deez models, dey is trill, streets ahead! We be fleek and that M&P? It's rekt, bro! Saint girls are hella dank, dust ol' Colt boys getting jelly!"

Um, yeah.

I'm not bashing Sig for starting this type of ad hype (I'm actually pretty close to a fanboy) but I am blaming them. That whole secret decoder ring thing with the case, coin and knife was just embarrassing. Just sell the darned gun and make the other toys included options, whydoncha? No secret handshakes or disappearing ink messages are really needed. Frankly the whole affair felt like some 1950's breakfast cereal mail-in campaign to join the Captain Midnight club or something. Ugh.

But it did seem to catch fire and Sig sold a lot of Legions - I think SA watched all that silliness and thought "We need something mysterious, trendy and name-catchy, too!" Makes one wonder what company is next up to crank out some magical, mystical, cryptic "it!" campaign, filmed like a mid-90's Zima ad. I bet it's S&W.

At any rate, it'll be interesting to see where the real world prices land and how the gun actually shakes out, though.

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