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Originally Posted by cyphertext View Post
The Saint is a better rifle on paper than the Sport 2 is.

4150 CMV barrel vs 4140 barrel on the sport
1:8 twist vs 1:9 twist
Mid length gas system vs. carbine gas
BCM grip vs A2 grip
BCM stock vs standard M4 stock
BCM keymod hand guard with heat shields vs standard guards without heat shields
Upgraded trigger vs standard trigger
This is an interesting list of things that are different from the Sport II, but not one of them describes why it's $250 better.

I'm not convinced the mid gas system is better than the carbine or vice versa. I have all three, carbine, mid and rifle, and all my guns work without issue. I would love to discuss why one is better than the other.

Upgraded trigger? Upgraded what? Until I actually feel one, I'm with Phil on that, meh.

Everything else is personal preference. Now, if you like all that stuff over the standard cheapo stuff on the Sport II, it will probably save money by buying the SAINT over changing out all that stuff on the M&P. But if you're not in love with it, it's not worth the price because you'll change it out anyway.

At this price level the forearm should be free float and Key Mod or M-Lock.
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