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kanewpadle wrote:
For the time being the best bang for your buck is the Colt Expanse.
No, it's not.

Well, until you provide a reason for your assertion, it is no more valid than mine disputing you.

In my case, my S&W M&P-15 Sport II cost fully $400 less than the store was selling a Colt Expanse at the time. The S&W rifle is a quality build with good manufacturer support that will almost certainly last me as long as I care to shoot it. In service, it has so far functioned flawlessly. In my circumstances, spending more for a Colt (or any other brand for that matter) would have given me ZERO additional functionality, accuracy or durability, but would have cost me a lot more money.

So, tell me, how does that translate into the Colt providing the "best bang for the buck"?

And how does it translate into Colt providing the "best bang for the buck" for shooters in all circumstances as your post suggests?
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