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Originally Posted by cyphertext View Post
I don't think it is a bad price for what you are getting. I don't care for the roll mark, but it appears to have many of the things that Sport owners upgrade to already. Each individual will have to decide for themselves if the upgrades are worth the money and a good value.
There is nothing inherently wrong with a modestly upgraded AR... and of course any upgraded AR is going to list for more money than a basic economy one. Hopefully, folks here aren't down on the concept of other than the cheapest AR they can find or build. A Sport II bought at the right price is hard to beat in its class, but even S&W offers and sells more expensive ARs.

My only objection is to the marketing hype that went along with the release of "The SAINT." I found it embarrassingly silly once I saw that it was just another slightly upgraded but otherwise pretty standard AR. It remains to be seen if giving a supposedly cool name ("The SAINT") to your new AR offering was a good idea or a bad one.

I'm old, curmudgeonly, grumpy and even a but jaded. I'm not automatically impressed by an AR just because they gave it a cool name. But maybe they aren't trying to sell that AR to crusty old me. Maybe other folks *are* impressed by an AR with a cool name and those are the folks they are trying to reach with it.
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