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Default Well known manufacturer and customer service makes the difference

Originally Posted by cyphertext View Post

I don't think it is a bad price for what you are getting. I don't care for the roll mark, but it appears to have many of the things that Sport owners upgrade to already. Each individual will have to decide for themselves if the upgrades are worth the money and a good value.
I agree with this (bold) statement. Except for the A2 front sight, these 'enhancements' are what most people change or want to change on their Sport or other basic AR-15.

What makes this SA AR different than most ARs is, like S&W, Springfield Armory is a well known manufacturer that offers a multitude of firearms. That coupled with a great customer service reputation they are able to take a little risk up front when they introduce a new line. And soon after they offer a dizzying number of variations. Think 1911s and other pistols.
Once this SAINT gets off the ground (which it seems like it already has), look for a "Loaded" version of the SA AR-15 in the not too distant future.
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