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Originally Posted by Rastoff View Post
We've heard of a few of these recently. I wish someone would post a pic of the gun locked back.
Just got some. I hope they are good enough. I wasnt sure what exactly to take pics of. I also took a short video that may or may not be helpful. I dont know the prefered merhod of uploading pics without slowing the threads load time, or making multiple posts Been a very long time since ive used a forum.

Im not too new to firearms but i know i dont have the level of knowledge i should or know all the proper teminology so bear with me.

This is my second 9mm shield. My first never had this issue. This one purchased new, brought it home and cleaned/oiled everything prior to firing the first time. 3 days ago was the first to shoot it. It made it through 3 rounds before the slide stuck all the way back. No play in it to get it to release so you have to hit the back of the slide to return it to battery. Another 2-3 rounds and it did it again. Took it apart to see if anything stood out as being off, or catching and didnt see anything so I re-oiled it and tried again. This time it would get through all but the second round. I showed it to a couple shield owners and they were clueless as well as to what may be causing it.

Took it apart today to check it over again to see if i missed something and there was one thing that stood out to me. Im not sure what this part is, whether its slide guides or what its proper name is but it will be my first 2 images. On the top is normal smooth wear, but on one side there is a gouge, but i cant see anything on the slide that could be causing this. Took it out and made it through 30 some rounds without issue before it locked up again. One of the images i have the slide lock pushed up to show how far back it is sitting.
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