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There is a training drill named The Paris Drill. It is to simulate in distance, target type, and time, the Isis Paris attack. You have 3 six inch falling plates randomly spaced from the shooter at 15 yards. You draw from concealment and shoot the 3 heads in 5 seconds. We have some good men here. They can do this without fail, BUT, when those 3 heads are among 20 more heads, there are always casualties amongst the 20. Nobody has cleaned it yet, but we are trying. 45 feet is a random distance chosen to mimic the disco dance floor. The 3 heads are used because the terrorist had body armour. You start from concealment because that's the way we have to carry. You have 5 seconds to do the job before they figure out where you are and turn full attention to you. Wherever this comes to my group, they will be ready. Whether at the Red Lobster or the 4th Baptist Church.
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