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Originally Posted by Rastoff View Post
Really excellent pictures. Those help a lot. However, can you get a picture of your barrel lug like this:

The thing the arrow is pointing to is the barrel lug. The surface it's pointing to should be smooth and have no machine marks or aberrations at all.

Absolutley. Itll be this evening though. There is something else i noticed last night while examining the slide trying to find a burr that could have caused anything.
This doesnt look like normal wear to me and the same side that has the gouge on that internal piece is worse than the other but both sides have the same marks. It is a little rough, but really the only way this could have caused the gouge would be if it "jumped track" but i really dont think thats possible? What do you think these marks could be from and could this be part of the issue or is this normal wear? I ran more rounds through it last night without issue. So it seems like whatever it is smoothed out but im hoping this will help track down what it is for any others that have this rare issue.

To Opaul, i really would not worry. I know several officers that carry these at work and CCs with shields that have never once had an issue and all highly recommend them. These are excellent guns and you will be glad you got it. Whatever this is, is rare. I found hardly anything on it till i found this forum.

The first picture is the opposite side of the little gouge, and then 3 of the one side that seems worse to show it a little better. The little pits/ chips are right on the edge.
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