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First time poster, came across this thread via a Google search. We bought the Shield 9mm for my wife last week on a black Friday sale. In the first 2 magazines, we had 2 failures to return to battery on a full mag (after chambering the first round) and 2 jams with the slide all the way back. It was not due to the slide lock lever, as it was past that point. A sharp rap on the back of the slide cleared the jam, but it didn't inspire a lot of confidence in the firearm. I spoke to a friend about it and he said that although we received the gun with plenty of visible oil on the slide and inner workings, that it may have been corrosion prevention oil for shipping/storage and not really well lubricated. Although that makes some sense, my other guns have just worked out of the box, so I didn't feel it should come out of the box in a condition that wasn't ready to fire. At any rate, I cleaned it thoroughly and lubricated it according to the manual, with an extra drip on the inside of the slide where the trigger connector rubs, and ran another 50 rounds or so through it this morning with no issues. I hope that's the last of the issues.
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